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buddhism in india-NALANDA Nalanda is regarded as the world's first residential university and the first university of Buddhist learning which was well described by the Chinese traveler Huan Tsang who visited and studied there in the 7th century AD. The University was the greatest centre of Buddhist learning and teaching which also provided accommodation facilities to students and teachers with nine storied library where meticulous copy of texts were produced. There were more than 10000 students and 2000 teachers who resided in the university campus coming from different parts of the world like Turkey, Persia, Persia, China, Indonesia, Japan and Tibet.
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buddhism in india-RAJGIR At Rajgir just 15 kms from Nalanda, the Buddha converted the Magadhan King Bimbisara at the Griddhakuta hill. King Bimbisara offered the Buddha and his followers the Veluvana Bamboo Grove which became the first property of the Order and one of the Buddha’s favorite residences. It is here that the First Buddhist Council was held in the Saptparni cave of the Vaibhara Hills.
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buddhism in india-VAISHALI The Buddha first visited Vaishali in the fifth year after his Enlightenment, and spent the rainy season there. He extended spiritual enfranchisement to women by admitting them to the Holy Order which was founded here. It was also here that the Buddha announced his approaching Nirvana and preached his last sermon. A hundred years after the Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha - Vaishali hosted the Second Buddhist council.
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buddhism in india-SRAVASTI Of the 45 years of his preaching, the Buddha spent as many as 25 rainy retreats at Sravasti. Since the Buddha spent a major part of his monastic life in Sravasti, the majority of his sermons were delivered while staying here. Sravasti is best remembered as the place where the Buddha defeated the holders of the other doctrines by performing the greatest miracle of all, the Twin Miracle.
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